Chalk Talk with Jared Wilkinson


1. Introduce yo’self! Who you are, what you do, and why you do it.

I am Jared Wilkinson of Duck Duck Beet Farm & CSK,  Louisville's first Community Supported Kitchen! We offer a Prepared Meal CSA with a flexible week to week commitment. The menu is created weekly based on whats growing in the garden and meat that is antibiotic/hormone free. We farm using all natural practices and are committed to planting only non GMO seeds. I created this business to provide my community with healthy, affordable and local food all the while supporting Kentucky's hard working farmers!! This business also allows me to live a lifestyle that makes a difference for the Earths Natural Awesomeness.

2. What are you doing locally that helps to preserve the earth’s natural awesome? What are small ways that anyone can help?

I am growing food on 1 acre that is free of all pesticides, chemicals & GMO seeds. I replenish the land using cover crops, making compost and crop rotation. I have a backyard chicken flock that supply myself and friends with nutrient dense eggs and the land with natural fertilizer. People in our community can help on a daily basis by tending to backyard or community gardens. Every single food purchase you make does make a difference, remember that!  Make sure to visit your local farmers market every weekend to support your farmers. Be part of building a healthy food community.

3. What other projects are you involved in?

I am a Partner Grower at Foxhollow Farm helping to create a thriving Biodynamic Farm Community.  Under the guidance of Matt Sargent from Roots Underwood I am learning to raise hogs with a Work Share Hog Program he has created, make sure to check them out: 

Also under the guidance of Julian Barnowske I am learning to raise honeybees! SAVE THE BEES!!!!! You can find us every Saturday at the St. Matthews Farmers Market 8-12.