Chalk Talk with Lindsay Hamilton, Foundation Sustainer of the Month

Continuing our popular Chalk Talk series in which we sit down with various partners and community members to chat about what they're doing to help protect the world's natural awesome, we're excited to feature our Forecastle Foundation Sustainer of the Month for February!

We sat down with Lindsay Hamilton to get to know her a little better, and find out what inspired her to support the Foundation and how she's helping to make the world naturally awesome!

Lindsay Hamilton - Forecastle Foundation Sustainer of the Month for February 2016

Lindsay Hamilton - Forecastle Foundation Sustainer of the Month for February 2016

How old are you?

Are you from Louisville originally?  If not, where are you from and what brings you here?
I am a Louisville Native. I went to Assumption High School and Bellarmine University.

What do you do for work?
I work at Konica Minolta here in Louisville as an Account Executive. I consult local business owners on their workflow efficiencies, IT needs and marketing efforts. I am also an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International.   

What is your favorite thing to do in each of the 4 seasons?
I love walking the loop at Cherokee Park in the spring and summer and I love getting my sweat on in the fall and winter at 502 Power Yoga in Douglass Loop. I go year round, but the practice and inspirational staff help me to avoid seasonal blues when I’m not able to get out in nature as much during the colder months. 

Where is your favorite place to eat in Louisville?
My favorite place to eat in Louisville is Ramsi’s Café on the World. They have dishes from every culture and I never get bored with their offerings. PLUS, I have been going for so many years that their almost “museum-like” atmosphere just feels a bit like home.

Who is your favorite band right now?
The Shins have been my favorite band since I was 15. That will never change.

How did you hear about the Forecastle Foundation?
I heard about the Foundation because I love going to the festival. When checking out the website, I followed a link and once I learned about all the Foundation does and stands for, I just had to be a part of it!

Why did you decide to become a Sustaining member of the Forecastle Foundation?
I love my home, planet Earth. I want to lend a helping hand where I can to preserve our beautiful land for years to come.

What excites you about Forecastle Foundation?
I’m excited about being a part of the, as Holly McKnight put it, “rag-tag group” of locals with a passion for preserving beautiful locations in nature and helping them to thrive in the way they were created to be.

Have you encouraged others to get involved with the Foundation? If so, how?
I have! When I hear people talking about the festival, I encourage them to look into what the Foundation does and stands for. Our favorite bands coming to town for one weekend on the river is fabulous, but fleeting. If we take care of our land, it will last our entire lifetime (and then some!).

How are you making the world more Naturally Awesome?
I’m making the world more naturally awesome as an Independent Consultant for Arbonne by educating others about putting nutrients in and on our bodies that nature intended for us to benefit from, and limiting ingredients that are harmful or just simply not beneficial. Check out my site for more info,

To become a Sustainer or learn more about how you can be Naturally Awesome, click here!