Guayaki Foundation:

Regenerating Ecosystems, Building Vibrant Communities

For more than 15 years, Guayaki has pioneered a sustainable development model that empowers local, indigenous communities in Brazil, Argentina, and Paraguay to regenerate and protect the atlantic rainforest.

Indigenously run sustainable preservation projects develop income without damaging resources. The Guayaki Foundation is working to educate local farmers, businesses, and communities in Atlantic Rainforest areas, teaching them ways to:

  • Generate stable income
  • Harvest the land in a way that does not destroy
  • Become stewards of the Earth around them
  • Bind community & health to forest protection

Project Details

Name: Mangueirinha Reserve

Location: Parana, Brazil

Tell Me More:

The collaborative project with the Forecastle Foundation will ensure restoration, preservation, and long-term stewardship of 3,000 acres of South American Atlantic rainforest in Brazil.

Our Progress:

In September 2013, we donated $14k to the Guayaki Foundation. This money will see that Stage One of the Mangueirinha Reserve Project gets underway.