Friends For Conservation & Development
Chiquibul, Belize

Friends For Conservation & Development became an official partner of the foundation in 2018. Belize’s 437,375-acre Chiquibul Forest is part of a tri-national bioregion forming the largest remaining contiguous tropical forest north of the Amazon and is a wild hotspot for biodiversity. The forest faces several challenges including poaching, pet trade, fires, agricultural farming and gold panning. Composed of park rangers, karst technicians, educators, and researchers, the FCD team monitors, explores and manages these jungles with pride and commitment daily.

The Chiquibul is comprised of 17 different ecosystems providing water to over 45% of Belize’s population and harboring the only known breeding habitat for scarlet macaws in Belize and many rare and endangered species.

The Forecastle Foundation contributions have helped FCD:

•Repair field technicians’ vehicles for transportation to and from the reserve