The Forecastle Festival began humbly in 2002...

...with a small budget, a handful of musicians, and a goal of reuniting with the local community. After the first year’s success, a vision for a true festival experience emerged, one that was different from others with a platform that would be equal parts music, art, activism®.

In 2010, Forecastle Founder, JK McKnight, fulfilled his dream to create an activism arm of the festival to protect the world's most biologically-rich, highly-threatened hot spots, with the launch of The Forecastle Foundation. The 501(c)(3) organization now operates year-round, independently of the festival, to protect and preserve global hot spots.

While the festival has grown from a neighborhood event into one of the country’s most anticipated summer festivals, it has not lost sight of its core preserve the earth’s resources. To date, The Forecastle Foundation has contributed over $150,000 to its mission of protecting the world’s natural awesome.


2012 documentary highlighting the past, present and future of The Forecastle Festival in Louisville, KY. Featuring performances from My Morning Jacket, The Black Keys, The Flaming Lips, Wilco, Widespread Panic, Band of Horses, Sleigh Bells and more!

Forecastle :: Then and Now

Forecastle :: Then and Now